The combination of ethereal trance beats alongside a stabbing dubstep production can be quite jarring. Very few artists have managed to walk this fine line and emerge on the other end with a cohesive result. The challenge of blending both worlds is one that rising producer Lotus Prime has chosen to undertake - and to great success.

The Los Angeles-based producer has merged the two genres in a rework of Billie Eilish's "Ocean Eyes." The Indie-pop superstar's claim to fame, "Ocean Eyes" is a broody track that hones in on the then fourteen-year-old's vocal abilities. The song's limited percussion and minimal synths leave it readily available for interpretation. 

A departure from his experimental sounds in "No Muck, No Lotus" and "Spirit Tracks," the remix displays Lotus Prime's capacity to unite two distinct genres under the melancholic tones generated by Eilish. Although a change in sound from his previous work, the adaptation still manages to carry Lotus Prime's haunting undertone, not straying too far away from his original pieces.

Ultimately, it's a compelling rendition of Eilish's breakout track. A fast-paced take on what was once a passive record, Lotus Prime's remix demonstrates not only his ability to modify a song, but also to fuse two contrasting genres.