Actor, author and fitness enthusiast Braeden Baade has recently added a new project to his all-encompassing repertoire. In late November Baade debuted his electronic moniker, Lotus Prime, with the spine-chilling deep house single, “Spirit Tracks.” Keeping the momentum from his successful debut, Baade has now released “No Muck, No Lotus.”

Similar to his first single, “No Muck, No Lotus” carries an otherworldly, haunting tone - one fans can expect to be a staple within his discography. Despite the rough, bassy exterior of the track, Baade says the single tells a much more vulnerable story. The title is inspired by how a lotus is only able to grow in mud/muck. The metaphor, he said, perfectly described what he calls “his biggest challenge in life” to date, and what he learned from the experience.

“It was the first time I felt truly vulnerable,” he said. “When I saw how the event hurt my family, who showered me with nothing but love, it certainly worsened the sting.” He says the challenge taught him he needed to face the situation, rather than hiding how he was feeling. Over the next few months, he dedicated his time to self-love and authenticity.

“I traveled to a beautiful Buddhist monastery and lived there for nearly a month, isolating myself from everything outside the gates,” he explained. “While spending time with the monks, I learned a new type of meditation that I still practice today. As I meditated at the monastery, two natural thoughts consistently surfaced. The first thought: I need to go cage diving with great white sharks swimming all around me. The second thought: I need to spend more time making music.”

While Baade has experimented with creating music since he was a teenager, it never became his top priority until now. He attributes his rough patch and the series of events following to what helped him discover his deep passion for creating music. “What I initially perceived to be a tragedy became a blessing in disguise,” he said. “I learned so much about myself, and I’ve never felt mentally stronger or more resilient than I do now.”

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