While it feels like Louis The Child have been here for some time now, they are finally debuting their first studio album, Here For Now. The Chicago-bred future-pop duo proves that perfecting your craft is worth the wait, delivering an impressive 14-track collection that exemplifies why they've developed such a devoted following. The album is chock full of uplifting, feel-good songs, which arrive during a time when we need positivity the most. 

Here For Now features the previously released singles “Little Things” with Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler, “Free” with Drew Love, “Every Color” with Foster The People, “Don’t Mind,” and "Nobody Like You" with Vera Blue. The album opens with a radio sound-off titled "Scooter's Debut (Intro)," preparing the listener to enter a land where "the birds are chirping, [and] the kids are smiling." The intro seamlessly dissolves into "Big Love" with EARTHGANG, the perfect happy starting point to set the tone for the rest of the album. 

Both "Bittersweet" and "We Are Here For Now" channel the similar message of "Big Love,"—that it's important to live in the present and be grateful for simply being alive. They feature playful productions of electric guitar chords and vocoders, with unique sound design. "What A World" with Bob Moses, and "La La La (Everything's Okay)" lyrically work beautifully together, presenting the theme that though we exist in a world with problems we didn't create, we have the power to change it and, in the end, everything will be okay. 

The two tracks that channel a tinge of sadness, in both the production and the lyrics, are "Get Together" with Duckwrth, and "Free" with Drew Love. While the former speaks on self-sabotage in relationships and trying the mend the issues, the latter channels the feelings that arise post-breakup. Finally, Louis The Child "Fade Away" with the last track of the album, featuring a more experimental beat structure that showcases why they are going to be around much longer than just "now."


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