LSDREAM began last year as an exceptional new act that the bass scene couldn't ignore. In the rotation around the sun since, he’s earned tons of respect from peers and fans for his authenticity and commitment to creating mind-opening music and experiences. The L.A.-based producer dropped a new track, “Rain Song,” that will give listeners something to enjoy during a time where many are stuck indoors due to global concerns of COVID-19.

LSDREAM leading a sound bath yoga set at Okeechobee Music Festival on March 7, 2020.

LSDREAM leading a sound bath yoga set at Okeechobee Music Festival on March 7, 2020.

LSDREAM (real name Sami Diament), has gained a following with a catalog of diverse music that frequently flashes bouncy mid-tempo bass. His work has found a home on Wakaan, including his 2019 LP, Renegades of Light. He maintains a close relationship with fans who share a passion for art that serves as an escape and resource through positive experiences. At Okeechobee Music Festival earlier this month, Diament performed and led a surprise sound bath meditation with a small, intimate crowd. You can catch a 30-minute snippet of it here

Recently, Diament unveiled a new "Quarantunes" playlist via Soundcloud, comprised of tracks he's creating while he too is stuck at home. After teasing himself recording the sound of rain on his Instagram story earlier in the week, Diament debuted a completed, downtempo version of "Rain Song" Tuesday night.

The track begins with a soft piano melody that drifts in through the sound of rain. A guiding whistle gently greets the listener before giving way to a more visceral soundscape, filled with transient voices and synths. A minute and a half in, LSDREAM's futuristic dubstep is channeled into downtempo form. The song's range, which spans from very real, tangible sounds to deep electronic basslines, takes the listener on a journey and creates a very therapeutic experience for those who might have a lot on their mind.

LSDREAM didn't need to prove anything in a time where most artists are shut in due to show and tour cancellations nationwide, yet, he was still quick to create an authentic, artistic distraction when his audience needed to hear it.

Stream "Rain Song" below: