Blossoming Australian DJ and producer Lucille Croft has dropped the curtain on her new single "Control," a blistering bass tune that plunges its listeners into a rabbit hole with its haunting motif of mind control.

In something that sounds like it was plucked straight out of a Blade film, "Control" is midtempo mayhem. Croft's own alluring vocals are at the forefront here, moonlighting as a siren song that beckons listeners into a rip-roaring 100BPM drop brimming with electro gravitas. With its metallic sound design and relentless energy, "Control" marries the sonic verve of an industrial Boys Noize track with the ferocity of a REZZ release to deliver a nasty bass tune from the depths of a dystopian dungeon.

However, what renders "Control" a needle in the midtempo haystack is its forward-thinking second drop. Croft goes a more minimal route, imbuing tension with spacey sound design and eerie yet vicious bass patches, which serve well to bring the track home.

You can listen to the single below and find it on your go-to streaming platform here.





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