"See Thru Me" is Madame Gandhi's first track of the decade. The cunning future bass and UK garage sound from remix guru Sarah Farina is the first of a remix series from Gandhi's Visions EP.

Sarah Farina's remix impeccably complements Gandhi's angelic pop vocals with a fervent production. Blissful pads, rushing percussion, and snappy effects heighten the original to an entirely new level. Farina's use of vocal effects throughout continually allow for pieces of "ear candy" to be dropped throughout, which greatly helps keep the listener on edge and the track interesting. She continually plays around with Gandhi's lyric, "love is the truth," to capture a truly invigorating and exciting hook.

It's a remix that was clearly produced by a master - written by a queen, and released with love and passion.

Music and activism go hand-in-hand, and Madame Gandhi has mastered the art of both. She is continually pushing boundaries in music and has gathered this shiny sound and brand from her previous experiences. These momentous experiences include drumming for M.I.A., Lizzo and Thievery Corporation, and she is currently on tour with Oprah Winfrey. Gandhi holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics and women's studies from Georgetown University and an MBA from Harvard University. 

When Gandhi ran the London Marathon free-bleeding in 2015, she sparked an outcry that created a conversation around how we treat menstruation. 

Farina and Gandhi's motivational, uplifting messages and activism for women and the queer community contain quite a lot of similarities, so this collaboration is a match made in heaven.

Follow Madame Gandhi:

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/madamegandhi
Facebook: facebook.com/madamegandhi/
Twitter: twitter.com/madamegandhi
Instagram: instagram.com/madamegandhi

Follow Sarah Farina:

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/sarahfarina
Facebook: facebook.com/sarahfarinabln
Twitter: twitter.com/SarahFarinaBLN
Instagram: instagram.com/sarahfarinabln/


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