Following up on the release of his previous two singles, “Control” and "Hypnotize,“ Maison Ware just put out his next record, "In The Dark,” which explores the unique influences he draws from Japanese culture, as well as the intriguing and mysterious concept of secret societies. As a producer known for shrouding himself in the shadows, it will come as no surprise that “In The Dark” continues his established trend of haunting atmospheres driven by a minimalist, sinister-sounding bass line.

Maison Ware - In The Dark (ALBUM ART / COVER ART)

“In The Dark” draws inspiration from the blinding lights and dark alleys of Tokyo’s Shibuya District, a prominent cultural theme found throughout Maison Ware’s productions. Instilling an ambiance with an uncanny cross between flourishing, vibrant nightlife and a dark, seedy urban underbelly, he rides a fine line between the extremes of light and dark, yet again exploring the concept of conflicting and oppositional powers.

With “In The Dark,” Maison Ware serves up an impassioned vocal topline that glides across the inky surface of an instrumental forged from a steady bass line and crisp, thumping kicks. There's no question that Ware’s music is perfectly designed for the rapidly evolving club scene. Don’t take our word for it, though -check out the official music video above for “In The Dark” and hear it for yourself.

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Video Credits: Directed by @ciscocorea / @jokertheoryfilms