Everyone's favorite masked house DJ/producer has delivered a track that evokes mental images of late-night-warehouse parties. "We Get Crunk" is house music at its dirtyiest. As if the DJ sets at stripped-down locales comprising his Illegal tour weren't enough, Malaa has taken the opportunity to flex his underground credentials.

"We Get Crunk" is defined by a droning, dissonant melody that rings out through most of the arrangement. The pitched-down vocal refrain for which the single is titled makes for more of an afterthought, giving it dance floor appeal that ought to resonate with more tenured dance music fans.

Ever since Malaa hit the scene in late 2015, EDM fans have buzzed with theories about his identity. At first speculated to be a side project between DJ Snake and Tchami, artists like Mercer, Aazar and Sebastien Bennet haven't been ruled out by observant Redditors. Whoever Malaa is, their sonically spotless brand of G house has afforded them an audience the world over.

"We Get Crunk" by Malaa has arrived by way of Tchami's Confession imprint. Stream or download the song across platforms here.

H/T: EDMTunes


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