If you’re into bass music, the name Mark The Beast most definitely will ring a bell. If not, it’s time you get to know about this really promising up-and-coming artist. Having numerous releases under his name, he never ceases to impress. He recently released his Body Rock EP and a tune under Uplink Audio’s recent Dispersion Volume 2 Compilation. Now, the L.A.-based artist is back with two new singles!

The first track is named "See You" and features Charmae on vocals. With a really melodic intro and soothing topline that immediately takes you in, you’re in for an emotional ride with this tune. The future bass drop certainly does it justice. 

Coming to the next track, "Problem" is a collaboration with Codd Dubz - a well-known heavyweight in the dubstep scene. The track starts with a really cinematic intro to prepare you for a heavy drop that awaits. Both artists did a phenomenal job on this tune. 

These tracks are now out on Circus Records. Stream or download them across platforms here.

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