After teaming up with singer and songwriter Tyrell Drew on radio-friendly hit “My Crew,” newly found anonymous project Mars IX are looking to take over the scene in no time. The duo’s debut single “Rainbow” with J-Pag came out earlier this year, and it featured indie pop-inspired vocals under a nostalgic, piano-driven beat. “My Crew,” an undeniable hit, steps up the energy a notch.

“My Crew” is a short-but-sweet showcase of catchy production and songwriting, starting off with atmospheric pads and groovy drums before quickly reaching the drop, which is driven by a catchy bass line. Drew’s vocal lines have a certain hip-hop flair to them while they dominate the diverse single, which is out via Higher Reign Music Group (Sony Music Canada).

“This song describes the insatiable bond between a 'Crew,' explained Mars IX about the idea behind the song in a joint statement. “It relates the bond between friends as being a beautiful connection and that bond transcends even the worst of situations. As Mars IX continues to release their story-driven pop-house records, each addition adds more to the message of global acceptance through love and understanding. Mars IX stands for more than just a music career, each song relates real world issues to the listeners while also conveying a sense of responsibility." 

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