Martin Garrix's upcoming releases seem to follow a trend.

Last week, Martin Garrix teased his remix of "Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi during a performance. This past weekend at Lollapalooza Berlin, he followed it up with the news that he and Australian singer/songwriter Dean Lewis have a collaboration titled "Used To Love" in the works.

“This track was made during my break while I was recovering from my ankle injury," said Martin Garrix (real name Martijn Garritsen). "Dean and I are super excited to share it with the world!”

Garritsen has significantly expanded his pool of collaborators outside of other EDM DJ/producers as of late. Earlier in 2019, he teamed up with Macklemore and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy on a single titled "Summer Days." Late last year, he also teamed up with America's Got Talent star Mike Yung on "Dreamer."

Neither Garritsen nor Lewis have disclosed an official release date for "Used To Love," but it's supposed to come out sometime before the end of October.

H/T: We Rave You