EDM poster boy Martin Garrix has been releasing a steady stream of new collaborations this year. After his hit singles "Summer Days" featuring Macklemore and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, and "Home" featuring Bonn, the Dutchman is back with a new offering called "Used To Love" featuring Dean Lewis

The brand-new single is a great EDM offering from Martin Garrix (real name Martijn Garritsen), and the added elements that Lewis brings to the table are the cherry on top. Lewis' piano parts and vocals lend the track an uplifting vivacity, giving it a bright and summery feeling. While the lyrics themselves are quite nostalgic and sad, "Used To Love" retains an optimistic vibe with a future-bass inspired sound. 

“It was amazing to make this song together” said Garritsen. “Dean is such a good friend and an exciting talent. He writes deeply personal lyrics and his style of music is timeless.”

In the accompanying video, as much as Dean Lewis shows off his piano and vocal skills, Garritsen is featured on the acoustic guitar bits, showcasing his talent as a musician in addition to the track's production. "Used To Love" is a great addition to Garritsen's extensive catalogue, and fans ought to love the new single. 

Garritsen has already conquered the world of EDM as a producer, musician, DJ, and STMPD RCRDS label boss. He's showing no signs of slowing down, and fans will eagerly await even more new singles and collaborations. 


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