French producer Max M is back with his latest electronic stunner, the breezy future pop tune "Imaginary Problems."

With lush soundscapes and bubbly synth elements at its backbone, the single takes listeners on an audial journey through a rocky relationship, and the necessity of some to be pushed to the edge in order to successfully move forward. The lyrics are all too relatable, and they float effortlessly over Max M's jaunty production to deliver their powerful message throughout.


Max M has been DJing and producing music since the ripe age of 14, honing in on his prowess throughout his late teens and releasing a steady stream of music. In addition to electronic music production, he is also a revered computer science professional, having spearheaded a startup as its CEO and obtaining two patents in the US.

Any DJ and music producer can attest, though, that the affinity to create music never truly fades. Having established a fruitful career as an IT expert through the age of 40, he made his grand return to the DAW to reignite his passion for electronic music, taking piano lessons and further polishing his skill set. His return to led to the release of the original singles "Under Water" and "Never Wanna Leave," the latter of which received a beautiful progressive house remix from renowned German producer Klaas.

You can listen to "Imaginary Problems" in full and get familiar with Max M via the social links below.