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With his tenacious rise to prominence over the last couple years, Medasin has continued to cultivate attention with warm, spellbinding originals and memorable remixes. Now, perhaps his most ambitious career installment yet has arrived with the release of his debut album Irene. Within Medasin's exponentially growing audience, the idea of a long-form release from him has been anticipated since early this year with the advent of his first headlining tour and the release of a lengthy mix of unreleased originals by the same name. Now with Irene out in true form, Medasin unveils some of his most forward-thinking work yet.

When it comes to electronic albums today, it generally seems that much of their initial hype comes from the promise of headline vocal features, unlikely producer collaborations, and frenzied drops. In these respects, the direction of Irene very much moves against the current; but it's also in this stylistic choice that Irene finds great power in its authenticity. Each song stands on its own, and nothing feels forced, including the two vocal features from Kaz Moon and Sophie Meyers on the album. In today's business of having multiple A&R's, songwriters, label heads and more all exerting their own creative influences on any given work, it's refreshing to know that Medasin's Irene is vastly a creation of his own creative intentions. 

For something that truly stands out as unique check out Medasin's long-awaited debut album Irene below.

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