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Amidst global struggle, music and creativity are among the most available outlets we have to escape reality. Today, MorFlo Records has released its new compilation, Dreamscape, which offers up a series of powerful tracks that will transport listeners when they need it most.

Founded in 2017, MorFlo records is a grassroots label and event family driven by beats and flow. The collective promotes artists of all backgrounds and channels their talent into a fluid, immersive musical environment. In 2019, MorFlo released a high-energy compilation, Alchemy, but with this project the group hoped to tap into something deeper.

"The concept for Dreamscape started at a dinner table in the throws of Colorado winter," said MorFlo co-founder Roman Torrano. "Dreamscape was meant to provide a contrasting follow up to [Alchemy.] We wanted to give artists a chance to siphon ideas and concepts for the dream and subconscious states, express a unique source of creativity for their projects, and to create an ethereal and fluid compilation of art spanning multiple styles."

The project—curated by Mersiv—opens with an atmospheric collab between Opalyte and Mauka ("Galaxy") that presents the otherworldly bass and production found throughout the project. Superave. takes the dream motif literally on the second track ("Dreams"), while Feelmonger ("Aurora") leads a string of deeper downtempo production. We hear more of the same from IZZI ("Drip Drop"), KUNI ("Onyx"), GrymeTyme ("A Certain Feeling"), Wriza ("Illusions Undone"), illanthropy ("DARKVISION"), and Dream Pusha ("May All Be Well") over the next few tracks.

Boston native Meduso—another newer artist spotlighted on this compilation—provides an unexpected banger with "Sunken," which dives the listener into heavy basslines and a thunderous chorus of echoed vocals and percussion.

The backend of the compilation is loaded with some more familiar names. Laika Beats goes for a more tangible vocal onslaught on "Anything I Do," while the silver-haired Space Wizard delivers his patented taste of thudding bass and distorted vocals ("Headwipe").

As mentioned, Mersiv helped curate the flow and direction of Dreamscape, so it's fitting that his collaboration with Dapolitiks is among the highlights of the project. "Eye to Eye" opens with illusory, dark vibes cultivated by melodic bass. The energetic beat swells over the first minute or so, eventually giving way to a titanic wave of introspective dub production.

Fans can stream the compilation on all platforms, or purchase on Bandcamp here. All sales of Dreamscape from Bandcamp on Friday June 26th and Saturday June 27th will be donated to Equal Justice Initiative and the Common Ground Foundation.

Ahead of the compilation release as well as his headlining performance at SummerEyes, Mersiv caught up with to talk Dreamscape and life off the road. How have you been holding up during quarantine? What do you miss most about performing and touring?

Mersiv: I’ve been holding up pretty well! It’s been great to be able to focus my energy in the studio on new tracks. I miss the energy of the shows though! There’s nothing like that feeling and I can’t wait to perform again when it’s safe to do so.

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Mersiv: It’s always great to make a track with a homie like Dapolitiks. We work well together and the track just ended up coming together pretty naturally when we got it started. How does this track stand out compared to your more recent production?

Mersiv: This one is a bit different because we wanted to create a slowed down vibe that engulfs you with deep wobbly basses and melodies. We thought it would be fun to slow it down further to a bpm we don’t often explore, and we’re both happy with how it turned out. What can you say about the collection of artists on this Morflo Compilation?

Mersiv: Nothing but good things! Morflo Records curated an amazing list of artists and they all brought their best to this album. Everyone nailed the vibe of Dreamscape perfectly. What do you have planned for your upcoming SummerEyes set? Who else are you excited to catch on the lineup?

Mersiv: This will be my first set since the Morflo Beat Retreat, so I’m planning a fun set with a new tune or two! Been putting some time into this set and I’m very happy to play it. The whole SummerEyes lineup is super dope so I’ll be checking as many sets as possible. You have an upcoming project coming out with Manic Focus, an artist you’ve recently toured with. What’s it like performing/working with him and what can you tell us about the EP?

Mersiv: Really bummed that our tour had to be postponed because I thoroughly enjoyed playing music with Jmac. Our energy matches well together. The EP is finished and sounding awesome! 

Catch several of these tracks live as Mersiv, Meduso and Superave. are all set to perform on the SummerEyes Digital Festival stream next weekend. Tune in to's Twitch channel July 2nd and 3rd to take part in the experience. 



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