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While it's always a treat to see artists bust out a vintage synth or a more obscure musical instrument for a track, it's not often we get to experience music created by things we can eat. Known for his experimental approach to music production, French artist Mezerg has once again delivered a delicious new single, recorded in a rather unique way.

Mezerg used actual watermelon slices and a halved kiwi to produce his latest single, releasing an eye-opening video showing the process. Seemingly in an attempt to prove that it wasn't some sort of trick, he proceeds to unplug one of his sonic watermelon slices and eat it. 

He achieves this mouth-watering feat with the help of Playtronica's Playtron midi controller. This device allows you to turn almost anything into an audio controller, assuming the target is conductive. Users just need to plug in the device to conductive targets and the instrument can pick up your input as any inedible keyboard or controller would. Using his Playtron, Mezerg was able to lay down funky basslines and dazzling synths before enjoying a healthy poolside snack. 

Mezerg's "Watermelon" is out now. You can download or stream the fruit-assisted creation across a number of platforms here.




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