MineSweepa continues to blaze into 2020 with a vengeance on the back of his newest heater titled “Voodoo.” With two releases already under his belt this year, he shows no intentions to stop pushing the boundary-defying style of trap that has come to be his signature.

Percussive sound design has been a defining characteristic of MineSweepa’s music over the years, and “Voodoo” displays it as prominently as ever. With wet and wonky lead synths supported by a thundering ensemble of trap drums, the hypnotic heartbreaker paints a distorted sonic picture that leaves listeners heads spinning.

Voodoo Cover Art

To the delight of fans everywhere, MineSweepa plans to drop music regularly for the rest of the year. He is taking his talents on the road with a cross-country tour this spring, which will no doubt be an absolute smash.

Stream or download MineSweepa's "Voodoo" today. 


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