Classically trained pianist turned electronic music producer, MitiS has been working on a new artistic vision. Although we cannot say for sure what the Philly-born artist has been up to, this new release on  Ophelia Records hints at an emotional passion project with creative depths. 

"Try" features soft, soothing vocals from UK singer-songwriter RØRY. The powerful lyrics throughout the song are thoughtfully paired with emotive guitar riffs and strong piano chords to deliver a melodic masterpiece. MitiS has proven himself to be a master of his craft, as he has been perfecting his piano-driven melodic bass sounds since as early as 2010. 

The composition of "Try" conjures a truly uplifting experience for those who are feeling lost. MitiS and RØRY offer a message of encouragement to anyone who may be struggling, reminding them to keep trying and never give up no matter the setbacks. 

"'Try' has undoubtedly become one of my favorite songs I’ve written lately," MitiS said in a recent tweet posted by Ophelia Records. "[RØRY] absolutely crushed the vocals, conveying the message and emotion I was targeting."

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Listen to "Try" below.





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