MitiS (real name Joseph Torre) has been perfecting the art of melodic bass music since 2010. With impressive live sets and an extensive catalog, Torre has been on a hot streak that hasn't simmered down at any point over the last decade. His latest work, "Shattered" featuring RUNN was just remixed by Culture Code (real names Chris Bains and Dylan Norton), further expanding upon those signature MitiS melodic bass sounds.

"Shattered" may feel like a melancholy tale at first, but it takes an optimistic approach with emotional lyrics from RUNN that reflect on opening up to explore new possibilities. Bains and Norton bring those emotions out with their remix. The guitar riffs and vocal notes build nicely into an emotive crescendo, and the drop illustrates those emotions.

Bright supersaws give way to grinding bass interjections, providing an uplifting energy during the main sections. The Culture Code remix of "Shattered" is a great fit for Torre's style, broadening the sounds that he's cultivated over the last ten years. Bains and Norton are right at home among Torre's catalog, providing a remix that compliments the original work perfectly. 

Culture Code's remix of MitiS' "Shattered" featuring RUNN is out now via Ophelia Records, and can be found at this link

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