Australian electronic producer Mlapa has been on the rise for over a year, scoring a place on the Triple J Unearthed artist list and establishing himself as a master of fusing huge choruses, cinematic progressions, and driving dance beats.

As his debut track of 2019, Mlapa offers up his latest high-energy dance track, "Colourgasm," an arpeggio-laced dreamscape with the ability to light up a dance floor in an explosion of light and color.

When asked about the song, Mlapa said:

“When I wrote this song, I imagined colors just exploding everywhere on a canvas, and felt that the title ‘Colourgasm’ was the best way to describe the feeling I want people to have when listening to the song for the first time. Colourgasm was a song written whilst traveling through the southern Philippines. It was 11:00 PM, in an office in the middle of the provinces, and there was not much going on. I wrote this song to brighten up my mood, and wrote it all in one session, staying up all night. The inspiration was there and I went for it.” 

2019 is an exciting year for Mlapa as he gears up for a slew of hot new releases. Make sure to check out "Colourgasm" on your favorite retailer and keep an eye out for his upcoming tour announcements - he'll be visiting cities near you along the East Coast of the U.S., as well as Australia & South East Asia.