Today we get to hear something we very rarely get to experience—a musical collaboration between mother and child. Moore Kismet, the 15-year-old electronic prodigy, is back with the help of their mother, Momma Kismet, to deliver an impressive trap single titled "Flair" via Never Say Die.

Photo Aug 24, 12 41 53 AM

Having a mother who is a semi-professional singer has its perks, even if they don't lend their voice to the track, like in the case of "Flair." Instead, Momma Kismet shared her expertise by helping to craft the melody. The result is a bright, glitch-fueled piece of art that evokes the early work of AraabMuzik. Plus, the Skype loading sound clip is such a simple but effective way to convey emotion, especially when the piece is tied to their mother. 

"Writing 'Flair' with my mom was very difficult but also very simple for me," said Moore Kismet in a press statement. "She helped me out so much with the track, and even though we were contemplating doing vocals on it, I knew it had to be fully instrumental because the feeling and emotion behind it speaks volumes. It’s essentially a thank-you note to my mom for all the love and support she’s given me throughout the past 15 years of my life, helping me find my identity and being OK with who I am. I love her more than words can describe, but I hope this song can for those who wish to hear."

Their mother was also effusive about the experience. “Most parents will tell you that their teenagers generally don’t want them all up in their business," said Momma Kismet. "I’m blessed and fortunate that they love having me around and giving them input on things. Working together is really just us spending time together, and I love it!”

Though only 15-years-old, Moore Kismet has already made quite a name for themself in the electronic music scene. Their stage name comes from the meaning "more than fate," symbolizing their ability to find success in this field while simultaneously being able to share their story of who they really are. Kismet is an openly pansexual/nonbinary artist, giving a voice to an underrepresented population in our industry with the support of the LGBTQ+ community at their back. 

Over the past year, they've been commissioned for official remixes of Dirty Audio's "Run & Go (feat. Shai Hicari)" and MineSweepa's "Black McLaren," and they recently flipped SVDDEN DEATH's "Rise." They also made waves with their Character EP, starting the relationship with the dubstep heavyweight label Never Say Die. Stay tuned as more information comes out regarding their upcoming EP.