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With each new project, Moore Kismet takes another leap towards the upper echelon of electronic music. And with an album looming, their ascension seems to be at a boiling point.

Kismet, who was named to's Class of 2021, has now teamed up with Apple Music to release a scintillating DJ mix for Pride Month 2021. Spanning 40 tracks, the mix is a microcosm of their groundbreaking approach to electronic music production, which is acclaimed for its hypnotic yet ferocious sound design.

A song-cycle of dazzling bass music, Kismet's Pride 2021 mix is representative of a seasoned selector and sonic storyteller—a dumbfounding notion considering they are only 16 years of age. It's another indicator of their penchant for aching melodies and vulnerable songwriting, two unmistakable facets present in the collective milieu of their upcoming album's previously released singles. Kismet has unveiled a triptych of must-listen album cuts this year, "Flourish," "Autonomy," and "Rumor."

"I definitely wanted to be a lot weirder in this mix than I typically am," they said. "Weirder sounds, weirder rhythms, weirder structures. I just wanted to push the envelope with this one and include some of the most unique and badass music out there right now."

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Check out Kismet's full Pride 2021 mix below, courtesy of Apple Music. 

In their efforts to amplify LGBTQ+ voices, Apple Music also joined forces with a bevy of Kismet's dance music contemporaries for exclusive DJ mixes, such as Worthy, Tygapaw, Qrion, and Derrick Carter, among others. 

June 2021 marks Kismet's fourth Pride Month since coming out as non-binary and pansexual, they said in a celebratory tweet. "I am so proud to be able to celebrate my history, my stories, my identity, and my art with others just like me," they wrote. "I wouldn’t trade it for anything."




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