Denver based producer and DJ Mport (real name Marc Mount) is quietly becoming a force within the world of bass music. With singles like "8line," "Move The Beat," and a powerful bootleg of Slushii's "Candy Flip," Mount is cementing his sound with unique and forward-thinking production. Now, he's just released his latest work, "Empire."

The new single has an epic, trappy buildup. At the drop, however, "Empire" takes a deeper turn. Fans of experimental bass and old school dubstep will enjoy the crushed, subby bass notes that effectively carry the groove over punchy riddim drums. 

After the second drop, a trappy synth decorates the mid-range of the frequency spectrum, as effective piano notes bring the main hook's melodies back into the fold. "Empire" is full of well-thought out ideas that push the envelope within the experimental realm. 

Undoubtedly a deeper cut from Mount, the new single expands his reach into the hybrid territory, and showcases his ability to create low-key, melody-driven works just as well as the bangers for which he is becoming well known. The energy is always there in Mport productions, and the nuances between his hyped-up offerings and deep cuts are not subtle, but well-rounded enough to paint the picture of his unique sound. 

"Empire" is out now, and available for free download at this link.