MRVLZ is back with another intricately created dreamscape. His latest, "Meant To Be" will take listeners on a journey to far-off lands created entirely by sound. 

While on this journey, listeners enjoy the dramatic, yet light synth with chopped and clean vocals interwoven throughout. Careful listeners will especially appreciate the way the vocals are modified in such a way that practically turns them into an instrument. Small details like that are something fans have come to expect from this up-and-coming star.

"Meant To Be" by MRVLZ is out now. You can stream the new track here.




The artwork for "Stories" by MRVLZ featuring Danni Carra, which depicts a tornado or cyclone in a crystal ball.

MRVLZ Unleashes Future Bass Masterpiece "Stories" ft. Danni Carra

The latest from MRVLZ is guaranteed to put you in your feels.

Artwork for "Don't Break My Heart" by MRVLZ via Azureon Select.

MRVLZ Strikes Dance-Pop Gold in "Don't Break My Heart"

MRVLZ' latest release via Azureon Select is precious indeed.

Artwork for "Stay With Me" by MRVLZ, out on Azureon Select.

MRVLZ Makes More Dance-Pop Magic with "Stay With Me"

Azureon Select has offered up another infectious single by MRVLZ.

MRVLZ, Wooshay and KRIMETZ' "Apologize" via Azureon Select.

MRVLZ Teams Up with Wooshay and KRIMETZ on "Apologize"

Another dance-pop gem is out on Azureon Select.

Rich DietZ - Sauce (She Be On It) - Cover

Rich DietZ Brings the Heat with "Sauce (She Be On It)"

The latest from Rich DietZ is sure to electrify the dancefloor.