"Battlefield" by MSTRMND puts vivid images in your head.

The latest single to come out on Pantheon Select exists in a no man's land between genres in the mind's musical eye. "Battlefield" by MSTRMND infuses a vast sonic space with melancholic tension that leaves a lasting impression.

A chilling female vocal rings out as echoing lamentations over synth work that fuses elements of ambient, future bass and downtempo. The subtlety of "Battlefield" is where it truly shines. As both a producer and a creative mind in general, MSTRMND has proven a worthy contender in the electronic music arena.

At that, MSTRMND has demonstrated his value right out of the gate. Last year he debuted the project with future bass singles titled "Folie" and "Awake" that bear few stylistic similarities to his latest endeavor.

"Battlefield" by MSTRMND is out now via Pantheon Select. Stream or download the single across platforms here.