One of the most creative minds in bass music, MUST DIE! returns with a genre blending new track, “Bliss 2K.” Jumping rope with the lines that separate genres, it truly showcases MUST DIE!’s (real name Lee Bates) sound design expertise.

Despite the name of the track invoking ethereal feelings of joy, “Bliss 2K” is anything but angelic. The chaotic nature of the track is revealed in the opening line, “I only ever wanted you to suffer.” What follows the ominous introductory line is a blistering bass music tune that weaves through dubstep, hardstyle, and beyond.

Bates himself was particularly proud of his latest release and called it his best work to date. 

MUST DIE! has risen through the ranks and become a major player in the bass music world. Between his high-profile collaborations with artists like Skrillex and Zomboy, and major festival appearances, MUST DIE! is steadily becoming a household name. 

“Bliss 2K” is out now on Never Say Die. You can stream or download the track here.





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