Fresh from the sixth entry in Never Say Die’s compilation album series is another energetic dubstep tune from MUST DIE! (real name Lee Bates) titled “I Don’t Want 2 Live.”

Bates' clever sound design that fans and peers have come to admire is on full display as “I Dont Want 2 Live” transitions from futuristic soundscapes to overwhelming basslines. A gentle introduction rich with alternating vocals and delicate drums takes listeners on a trip through time to the neon-soaked cities of the future. Shortly afterwards, the track ramps up and it grows evident that something wicked is lurking. Listeners are thrown into the fire as the track devolves into a cataclysm of screeching bass and and pounding breaks.

Bates has established himself in the bass music world with a number of very popular original tracks alongside collaborations with dance music heavyweights like Skrillex, Getter, and Zomboy. Bates’ latest is one of twenty included in the sixth showcase from Skism’s label, Never Say Die. Also included on Volume 6 is new music from Zomboy, Eptic, Svdden Death, Space Laces, and more.

“I Don’t Want 2 Live” and Never Say Die, Vol. 6 are out now. Stream or download the compilation across platforms here.




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