NERVO, Australia's most beloved twin DJ/producers, are here to give fans something to cry their hearts out to with their new single "Hurt" featuring Swedish singer Frida Sundemo. The three artists have created a beautiful dreamscape for their fans to be swept away into, painting the hardships that come with ending a relationship with someone you care about. If June gloom is hitting you hard this month, this will be the perfect track to channel that energy into.

The production of "Hurt" brings up memories of the old progressive sound of EDM past while still keeping it current through the deeper, hard-hitting breakdown. Sundemo's angelic vocals make the unhappy lyrics feel uplifting, creating a melodic dance ballad that would be perfect to help anyone through a breakup. The danceability isn't lost with the message, creating the perfect single for a stadium to sing in unison and collectively feel the heartbreak many have gone through.  

NERVO recently participated in our "Quarantine Diaries" series in which members of the music community share their experiences on how they are handling the pandemic. Both had actually contracted COVID-19 but luckily were able to overcome it. Through the mandatory quarantine, this allowed for both of the producers to spend time with their newborns and of course make the music we are blasting today. They will also be one of the featured artists to perform at the upcoming Tomorrowland Around the World digital festival taking place Saturday, July 25th and Sunday, July 26th. 





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