The melodic piano stabs that accompany the rhythmic four-on-the-floor beats are a staple of 1990s house music. As the genre evolved from its early 80s samples and synthesizers, it found new life as it married itself with keystrokes and pop vocals. The undeniable piano keys, in particular, elevated house music into the mainstream, making it a quintessential 90s sound.

Aiming to return to those classic tunes, and banking on fond memories of bygone dance floors, is Noizu with his latest release "Summer 91." As the name implies, "Summer 91" is a trip down memory lane, joining those previously mentioned components hand-in-hand with subtle acid warps and an infectious chant.

The track opens with a vocal note, immediately triggering fond memories of sounds lost to the decades. As the song builds, the piano takes center stage, evoking a sense of nostalgia. Eventually, the familiar snare drums appear, creating a 90s trifecta. Tying it all together is the record's vocal chant, "I just can't stop looking back." The lyrics embrace sentimentality, allowing one to yearn for lost times.

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"Summer 91" is being released on Noizu's Techne Records and follows a string of successful singles from the label boss. Tracks like "DANCE," "Elevate," "Inside My Head," and "Rave Alarm" have garnered the Los Angeles-based producer a huge following. Noizu's unique take on the genre has allowed him to quickly become a house music mainstay.





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