Nora En Pure has done it again with her new two-song EP "Thermal" / "Oblivion," distilling the essence of the natural world into house music form. The result: an organic, glacial record that explores the beauty of the universe's light and darkness through music.

"Thermal" nudges you into the journey with light birdsong and other biomusic elements, which make way for a gentle piano solo before building into a steady beat. The keys are soon joined by soft violin strings, continuing to lead you through a scenic musical landscape that is equal parts majestic and tranquil. Slowly weaving together with the beat, the piano and strings coalesce into a soft crescendo that dissipates just as gently as it came.

"Oblivion" begins just as softly as "Thermal" ends, but quickly veers in the opposite direction. Where "Thermal" is grounded and earthy, "Oblivion" takes to the stars in stark contrast. Haunting notes spiral upwards into a cosmic drop with a darker deep house emphasis. Otherworldly sounds continue to ebb and flow throughout the arrangement, as if leading you through an interstellar path. 

A dichotomy of earth and space, Thermal/Oblivion is exactly what we expect and more from En Pure, a two-time IMDA Best Female House Artist. The new EP is out now and available via her longtime label, Enormous Tunes.

Following her June 2020 stream from the mountains of Gstaad in Switzerland, En Pure recently streamed another performance in Switzerland—this time at a gorge in Graubünden. Check out the full DJ set below.




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