Los Angeles-based producer NOTOK has linked up with singer-songwriter Heather Sommer to deliver "Brainwashed." Yet again, NOTOK delivers an emotional future bass single with a beautiful message. The release is brought to us courtesy of Hegemon Select.

The track opens with a smooth drum pattern as Sommer's angelic vocals take hold. It's about how society puts up this illusion of perfection. You're expected to portray a certain version of yourself devoid of issues. The production behind the topline translates this with a soft build into a powerful future bass drop. When the bass enters in, it feels like a breakthrough into clarity. 

NOTOK has been featured on Hegemon Select earlier this year with his track "What It's Worth" with INRVISN featuring Alina Renae. Heather Sommer has been supported by award-winning producers including The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, Alan Walker, and many more. 

"Brainwashed" by NOTOK and Heather Sommer is out now via Hegemon Select. Stream or download it across platforms here.


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