Record label PAN welcomes home Objeckt for the release of Cocoon Crush, his first LP since 2014's Flatland. Following this announcement, Objeckt dropped the single version of "Secret Snake", a musical amuse bouche for his upcoming album. 

"Secret Snake" is quite the experimental track. The mood is very atmospheric and futuristic. This is music I believe aliens would get down to. Objeckt is known for pushing boundaries and exploring complex sounds. This track is the perfect example of that. As the track begins to open up, you start hearing these guttural vocal tones that give off an almost ominous vibe. It makes your ears perk up! Then just when you think you know where the track is headed, he switches things up and brings in these bright synths! If this is just a sneak peek into the madness of Cocoon Crush we are in for quite a treat.

Written between 2014 and 2018 in Berlin and on the road, Cocoon Crush once again sees the producer jettisoning the functional requirements of the dancefloor. Marking a further evolution from the youthful exuberance of Flatland, Cocoon Crush explores a more introspective side, with themes of human interaction resonating throughout the record as it ruminates on a spectrum of complex moods rooted in 4 years of sometimes turbulent personal experience.

Cocoon Crush represents an aesthetic departure from Flatland’s largely synthetic tonality, drawing from organic source material and natural textures to illustrate perplexing and unfamiliar sceneries in photorealistic detail. In Cocoon Crush, Objekt diverges further still from his musical influences to craft the purest manifestation of his own musical personality to date: an intriguing and enigmatic album whose reference points are hard to pin down, in which ghostly synth passages weave through mind-bending, weighty drums, and ASMR-triggering foley collages scrape and sparkle. Through meticulous sculpting, Objekt traces a rich and impressionistic journey through claustrophobia, hope, guilt, anxiety and joy, nested in layers of sonic detail which reward with every listen.

The album is mastered by Rashad Becker, featuring photography by Kasia Zacharko, and layout by Bill Kouligas.

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