ODESZA are returning at a moment when we all need them. After roughly three years they are back to drop the 12th edition of their beloved series titled "NO.SLEEP-Mix.12." The mix running approximately one hour is everything you need to get through a trying day working from home. The Washington duo also went on to share that this is the beginning in a new series from their Foreign Family Collective imprint called "Intermission Broadcast"- a weekly mix of music from artists they love. 

The duo, comprised of Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills, debuted this series six years ago and it has since become a longstanding fan favorite. This edition features tracks from Mura Masa, Caribou, SG Lewis, Darius, Madeaux, Vasser, Touch Sensitive, Jon Hopkins and many more. We even get a cute little message from Mills' mother to kick it off. 

Alongside the mix they went on to share a message of positivity for their fanbase: 

ODESZA recently celebrated the five-year anniversary of the first Foreign Family release on March 10th. The duo have been quiet for some time now since closing out with their final A Moment Apart show last summer. The LP was received with glowing reviews including scoring a 2018 GRAMMY Awards nomination for Best Dance/Electronica Album and Best Dance Recording for the song "Line of Sight." Fans can only hope this time away from the limelight means new music is in the works. 


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