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Released via Astralwerks, OTR's new debut Lost At Midnight LP features a handful of tunes that fans have previously heard, including "Drive" with Panama and "Heart" featuring Shallou, as well as a number of brand new tracks. While the vast majority of his releases stand out, "Best" featuring Emerson Leif is particularly stunning. Leif's somber voice pairs perfectly with the ethereal synths conjured by OTR, making for an unforgettable and chilling first time listen.

From the melancholic opening in "Lost" to the hopeful outro of "The End" with Saint Sinner, OTR has established himself as one to watch in this creative space. Those who have dabbled in his previous singles or enjoy artists like ODESZAJai Wolf, Chet Porter, or Daktyl will certainly be pleased by the level of mastery Lost At Midnight brings to the table. 

The 22-year-old Ohio native first began writing music in grad school after landing an internship in Kurashiki, Japan. Isolated not only by the remoteness of the town but also the language barrier, OTR found that the best way to express himself was through music. His trips on the bullet train quickly turned into time used to perfect his craft.

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OTR's hard work and dedication eventually led to his first single, "Already Gone" featuring Kelsie Rimmer, in 2017. The following year, he released his first EP, Unfolded. Shortly after the success of his previous releases, his original track "Midnight Sun" with Ukiyo was featured in Netflix's film To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. OTR's young, blossoming career has achieved mainstream success and the only direction for this emerging talent to go is up.




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