Paul van Dyk (real name Matthias Paul) is back to drop the third single off his highly anticipated tenth artist album Guiding Light. "First Contact" features Ireland's trance star Kinetica (real name Dee Henry) in an aptly titled collaborative debut. Alongside the release of the new single is the announcement that Paul will host another PC Music Night live stream on Saturday, March 28th at 7:00 PM CET. 

"First Contact" feels like the spiritual healing we all need during this time of uncertainty and unrest. It's peppered with bright, uplifting melodies that will ease the mind. Paul and Henry joined forces to give trance purists exactly what they wanted.

"First Contact" follows behind February's single "Duality" and 2019's "Parallel Dimension.” Guiding Light will be his 10th studio album, following 2018's Music Rescues Me. With it, Paul is painting a story of his recovery from his fall during his performance at A State Of Trance 750 in Utrecht. The 10-meter fall caused the producer to suffer severe brain and spinal injuries. Much of the struggles were documented in his book Im Leben Bleiben (Holding On To Life), which came out last year. 

While the tour is on hold, the esteemed producer is keeping his fans happy by entering into the virtual clubbing space. He's working alongside fellow Berliner Chris Bekker on the aforementioned PC Music Nights. Fans can tune in through Facebook and watch it all go down at the German capital's Anomalie Art Garden venue. Their first virtual show was five hours long and brought in a massive 30,000 audience. Says Paul, “The idea was to unite people from all over the world, bring them together virtually, find strength in numbers, and escape reality through music.”

Tune in tomorrow, March 28th at 7:00 PM CET for the next live stream. In the meantime, fans can still see the first PC Music Night here