At just 20-years-old, French artist and producer Petit Biscuit has already captured the ears of many an EDM fan, thanks in part to the widespread success of his breakout 2015 single "Sunset Lover." The prolific musician is now back with "Drivin Thru The Night," released on September 9th via Écurie, his label. The track is also the lead single from his upcoming album, which is currently untitled and without a publicized release date. 

With brooding, original vocals, four-on-the-floor club beats, and narrative lyricism, "Drivin Thru The Night" is much more of a traditional song than any track off Petit Biscuit's 2017 debut album, Presence. Romantic, soul-searching lyrics and an introspective tone conjure memories of driving with no destination, searching for a little reprieve from our thoughts and problems. 

When looked at as part of a sophomore album, "Drivin Thru The Night" holds up. It is a clear evolution from Petit Biscuit's beloved integration of post-ODESZA melodic electronica and upbeat euphoric sonics. At the same time, the song's bouncing underlying melody is sure to please fans of the artist's more well-known sound. It all ends with spoken lines from an unnamed woman, promising the upcoming LP will continue the storyline laid out in "Drivin Thru The Night." 

To coincide with the release of the single, Petit Biscuit also dropped a companion music video. In it, Petit Biscuit does indeed drive through the night, offering a literal take on the song's lyrics. Throughout its narrative, we follow Petit Biscuit as he embarks on an adventure that will take him from a campy nightclub to a city's grungy underground before finally ending up on a scenic rooftop overlooking the skyline.

"A lonely man is wandering through the streets, living how he wants and going where he wants until he finds his lonely alter-ego," Petit Biscuit said of the song's meaning in a press release. "Most people would also think they need love to exist but it's wrong. You can live and exist by yourself. You don't need anyone else."