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Just in time for the debut of Pokémon's long-awaited 9th generation of games is a brand new look at some of the series' most iconic tracks.

The same day gamers around the world get their hands on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet comes a new remix compilation album, VGM Essentials: Pokémon Remixed, from Firaga Records and Occult Cats. 10 artists have taken on music from 2016's Pokémon Sun & Moon, 2010's Pokémon Black & White and the games that started it all, 1996's Pokémon Red & Blue

The theme songs associated with in-game locations like "Viridian Forest," "Aether Paradise," "Lavender Town," "Pokémon Center" and the "Mahalo Trail" have been transformed by RoboRob, Subcreation, T- - -, Lazer Kitten, and Threeway Cuddle Fest respectively. Some in-game battles also received an electronic music twist as Stoobz, No Nice Things and Celeri took on "Battle Theme," "Team Skull Theme" and "Battle! Elite Four," respectively.

In addition to the digital release, the record is available on vinyl, cassette and CD. Browse the physical collection and purchase a copy for yourself here. You can listen to VGM Essentials: Pokémon Remixed below.

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