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On Tuesday, January 28th, Porter Robinson announced that 2020 would see the release of his sophomore studio-length album, Nurture. A day later he has offered up the lead single of the effort, "Get Your Wish."

The Youtube premiere of the melodic, introspective single includes a video of Robinson singing the song's pitched-up verses against a surrealistic backdrop. "Get Your Wish" sees the Chapel Hill, North Carolina-born talent update the style in his 2014 debut album, Worlds, with production values of today.

Robinson also tweeted a letter to his fans explaining the personal struggles that inspired the single:

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"'Get Your Wish' is about moving forward, even if it's not for your own sake.

I was doing really badly in 2015, 2016 and early 2017. My entire life revolved around making music, but for the first time in my life, I was struggling to make anything at all. I was desperate to make something I was proud of, but the more I struggled, the worse the problem became. I was very seriously depressed and genuinely thought my life as I knew it was over.

It was almost three years of trying to write music, failing, and being crushed by it every single day.

There were times when I wondered if it was pointless for me to keep trying. I didn't even know what I was hoping for. If I had come this far and I was still dissatisfied and unhappy, then it was impossible not to ask: Even if I do finish new music, what am I hoping is gonna happen? What is it I want that I currently don't have? Am I gonna be happy then? Why am I not happy now?

I felt like I had no options - because while the prospect of struggling indefinitely was terrifying, the thought of quitting music was much worse.

For a very long time, I didn't know what the answer was. I knew that no level of achievement was going to make me happy, but I still felt a life-definingly strong urge to keep doing creative work.

But gradually, I came to realize what the point is for me.

You know how every once in a while, when you're driving or something, the music you're listening to moves you in this amazing, transcendent way? It's this sublime experience that can't really be described, but for me it's like this: I feel like the world is beautiful and filled with possibility, and that I want to cherish every second that I have to be alive. That description doesn't quite capture it, but that's as close as I can get. 

I have this experience every once in a while when I'm listening to my favorite artists. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that they do what they do. I think being able to give people that experience through sincere songwriting is what makes it worthwhile.

I realized I shouldn't write music with the expectation that the productivity or achievement will fix my problems, but instead with the hope that my honest expression will move people the way music moves me. So when I was really struggling to write and it seemed impossible, instead of thinking, "You're struggling because you're a fraud, you're clearly not cut out for this," I began to tell myself, "Yeah, this is what you sacrifice."

"'Get Your Wish' is about that breakthrough, which was one of many that helped me through those years. Music started making me happy again.


Robinson's released his debut EP, Spitfire, in 2011 after being discovered by Skrillex. That first effort's electro house musings were a far cry from Worlds, and he went on to reinvent himself once more with his Virtual Self alias in 2017. It remains to be seen whether the rest of Nurture will sound similar to "Get Your Wish" or see the post-EDM superstar shift gears once again.

No release date has been announced for Nurture at the time of writing.




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