Porter Robinson has offered up the second single from his upcoming 2020 album, Nurture. Following up his January single, "Get Your Wish," is "something comforting," a song that apparently resulted from a trying time for the superstar producer.

As with "Get Your Wish," Robinson's latest endeavor includes his own vocals - this time both regular and pitched up. What follows is a section with one of memorable trademark synth melodies with a great deal of personal significance to him.

"I went through a pretty intense creative struggle and depression in the years 2015 and 2016," said Robinson in a video statement accompanying the release. "'something comforting' - I began it at what I would say was the peak of that struggle where I was trying for hundreds of hours a week to make something new, trying so many different ideas and just being unhappy with everything ... just at the absolute creative low point. I was really beginning to question whether or not I would ever be able to make music again, and that was a very, very scary thought to me."

During that time, Robinson said that he wrote the roughly one-minute instrumental hook that serves as the song's central motif. "That was the first thing that I knew I wanted to keep. I probably listened to it 10,000 times, maybe more..." he said.

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Robinson still has yet to announce the release date for Nurture at the time of writing.


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