New Porter Robinson Website Feature Allows Users to Listen to Singles off Nurture Virtually with Friends - - The Latest Electronic Dance Music News, Reviews & Artists

The two lead-off singles for Porter Robinson's forthcoming studio album, Nurture, have already been released. "Get Your Wish" and "Something Comforting" are available now for streaming and purchase, but Robinson has just implemented a new feature on his website to enhance the listening experience.

In a time of social distancing amid COVID-19 concerns, the new website feature allows listeners to listen to "Get Your Wish" and "Something Comforting" together with friends, or with strangers entirely across the globe, even whilst remaining in isolation. 

Within the site lies a digital room where two screens appear with visuals representing each single. Users are then allowed to "connect" with a friend or a stranger, to listen to the singles simultaneously with each other and watch the visual elements come to life. 

Robinson's digital listening space comes at a perfect time for those who are missing a bit of social interaction, and allows users to connect through their passion for his music. It's a great tool and a great way to promote the forthcoming album. 

The new album still doesn't have an official release date, but Robinson's new site feature is engaging and fun to hold listeners over until the full release of Nurture

Experience the virtual listening space at this link.