It's not very often for electronic music producers to release an album by the time they're 22, with names like dance prodigies Martin Garrix and Alan Walker coming to mind. It's even rarer for such a young artist to be on studio album number two. 

Such is the case for French progressive house and trance prodigy Matt Fax, who released his second full-length album today via Enhanced Music's Colorize imprint. 

The 17-track project, titled Progressions, shows the depth of Fax's talent, expertly dipping into groovy deep house, classic progressive house and even future bass. It's also the culmination of a year of practically 24/7 work, Fax said in a press release, explaining that over 60 songs were produced so only the "best of the best" would be selected for the final album. "I wanted to push the boundaries of my sound and explore new territories," Fax said. "This album marks a brand new era for me. It totally defines me as the person I am today."

Progressions is not only a declaration of Fax's growth as a musician, as he has been releasing music since the age of 15, but also of the power of streaming and social media on the new music coming from young producers. New sounds are emerging left and right, drawing inspiration from the vast library of electronic music available online. This album, for example, has evident references to music from electronic greats, pulling in the drama of RÜFÜS DU SOL, the energy of Armin van Buuren, and the suspense of Tchami

Fax has carved out his niche in the crowd of up-and-comers, distinguishing himself with finely crafted synth textures, a light use of reverb, and magnetic energy. He might be young, but his years of experience make his music sound like it was made by a pro, giving Progressions an instantly classic sound. Ranging from the soft, pulsing beat of the previously released "Light On" to the house-heavy "Risen," the spectrum of sounds in Progressions is exactly what fans will be looking forward to hearing live once on the other side of the pandemic. 

Sprinkled in with the progressive house songs Fax is known for, like "Risen" and "Autotron," are much needed melodic breaks and vocalist features, which provide opportunities for Fax to show off his range. "Animal" featuring Trove, for example, feels like a breath of fresh air, along with "Night Owl" featuring Mingue and "Set Your Sails" with RBBTS

Ending the album is the surprising and explosive "Greatest Thing" with Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Richard Bedford, featuring Fax's first ostensible attempt at a pop-inspired, future bass drop. It's a soulful conclusion to an album with a strong and steady pace, acting as Fax's triumphant cheer on the top of his mountain of achievements.