As bass house fans’ tastes mature, so too must the sounds pushed by the genre’s producers. Proxy has once again proven capable of staying ahead of the curve with a two-track EP titled HIGH / EZY TING via Insomniac RecordsIN / ROTATION imprint.

Smooth bass lines add a level of depth the the sonics in both “High” and “EZY TING.” Whereas the former track hinges around an anthemic, pitched-down vocal sample, the latter sees Proxy explore sound design abstractions.

Proxy has amassed a cult following in his past decade of making bodies move on the dance floor. Between songs like “Decoy,” “Raven” and “Dance in Dark” - the latter of the which appeared on his 2013 album, Music From The East Block Jungles - he’s carved out a sinister and introspective lane in the electronic music landscape.

Stream or download HIGH / EZY TING across platforms here.