Drum and bass hasn’t been a popular flavor in the American music palate until recently, but it continues to find a foothold amidst a burgeoning bass music scene across the country. REAPER—one of the leaders in the newfound D movement in the U.S.—is back today with his latest track, “HEATSEEKER,” which offers further proof that the genre will pull in even more ears in 2020.

Since his debut in 2019, anonymous producer/DJ REAPER has emulated chaos into transcendent DnB production. With last year's Monstercat-released EP, RAPTURE, the up-and-coming producer pulled in over 5 million streams while drawing support from acts like RL Grime, Zeds Dead and SLANDER. Additionally, he debuted his apocalyptic, masked-live project at Brownies & Lemonade’s Warehouse Party in L.A., which helped him earn a support slot on Kayzo’s upcoming U.S. tour.

“HEATSEEKER” follows a string of collaborations with Awoltalk (“Hysteria”) and WHIPPED CREAM (“Shouldn’t”), and it finds REAPER returning to the sinister vibes found on previous solo releases. The track opens with an ominous, spacey intro, which sparks to life with an 808 lead. At the 40 second mark, the production welcomes a machine-like sound that feels as if it’s changing gears. The track does just that 20 seconds later, when a familiar, jungle-infused bass line takes over for the track’s first drop.

“In the REAPER universe, the ’HEATSEEKER’ is a weapon of mass destruction intended to destroy individuals who choose not to conform to evil standards,” said REAPER in a press release. “This song is the anthem of the revolutionaries who destroyed the sinister machine.”

Behind this aggressive narrative, REAPER churns out a progressive drum and bass tune that will draw casual listeners in while exciting longtime fans of the genre. Just two weeks after Bassnectar debuted a new drum and bass track at Okeechobee Music Festival, “HEATSEEKER” is sure to keep this one time foreign genre a hot topic in America and shows promise for his upcoming EP later this year.

Stream “HEATSEEKER” by REAPER here.

Image via Monstercat

Image via Monstercat

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