It seems rock music and EDM are more connected than ever in 2019. With artists like Jauz, PhaseOne, Kayzo, and more linking up with rock and metal outfits like All Time Low and Periphery, fans are seeing more hybrid songs and crossover collaborations than ever.

The latest crossover comes from EDM superstar Rezz and hardcore veterans Underoath. The collaboration, titled "Falling," will be released on June 12th at 12:00 PM EST. The track was first revealed in Rezz' EDC Las Vegas set from 2019 - in which Underoath's singer Aaron Gillespie made a live appearance - and fans have been eager for the release ever since. 

The official announcement came yesterday via Twitter after Rezz released her live EDC set. It generated incredible buzz as her fans were taken by surprise at the collaboration, but they're more than ready for the release.