OnlyFans is one of the more polarizing platforms in recent memory, but let's be honest—its users make bank. And whether or not you agree with their methods, you have to salute them not only for finding a way to help pay their bills during the pandemic, but also capitalizing on their self worth.

Red-hot electronic music duo Rich Dietz has harnessed the gritty mentality of OnlyFans' creators and bottled it into "Only Fans Song," a seductive tech house banger that doubles as an ode to the platform's hard workers. Arriving by way of Azureon Select, the track is a foot-tapping earworm that belongs on only the most wild of club floors.

The song's sultry refrain, "This is for my OnlyFans," is a microcosm of the platform's creator pool. "'Only Fans Song' was created for all those hard working professionals out there, who know their worth!" said Rich DietZ.

In addition to the single's general ethos, its artwork is also something to marvel at. Turning back the clock to 2006, Rich Dietz have tipped their cap to Saturday Night Live's iconic "D*** in a Box" sketch," which features a young Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg gifting their—well, just watch below.

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Rich Dietz have stomped onto the EDM scene with a fresh sound and a blithe irreverence that invites fans to join them on their journey. With a workhorse mentality that mirrors that of their new track's OnlyFans warriors, they have been pumping out dance hits like a broken printer.

In December 2019, the tastemakers unveiled "White Claw Song," a bass house party-starter that will emerge as a surefire club rinser once venues return. The single has dominated the airwaves after being featured on Apple Music’s official "Breaking Dance" playlist and amassing over 1 million plays on TikTok. Their most recent release prior to "Only Fans Song," the SM1LO-assisted "Bentley Coupe," is a motivational anthem wrapped up in a tech house backbone.

You can listen to "Only Fans Song" on your go-to streaming platform here.




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