German producer Rival just enlisted singer Caravn for a bass-heavy single titled "Be Gone." The track, which in proper Rival fashion was released along a visually pleasing lyric video, marks his 8th original in 2019. He has definitely kept it busy with tracks ranging from explosive "Satisfy The Rage" with Micah Martin to pop-ballad "Lately" with vocal work from Conor Byrne

Out via NCS, "Be Gone" possibly marks one of the hardest releases this year by Rival (real name Valentin Rieff); a result of Caravn's dramatic songwriting paired with his epic production. A simple piano melody introduces the song as cinematic atmosphere builds up with the help of acoustic drum hits and washed out electric guitars, all under Caravn's impressive vocal performance. Quite surprisingly, a cataclasm of synths and impactful bass stabs hits the listener in the drop, and takes the energy to another level, before it drops back down on the second verse. 

Rival has been releasing music independently since 2017, and his releases over the past year have started getting him a lot of attention. His production and sound design skills, paired with an ear for excellent songwriting and melodies really make up for an impressive result, and a definite bright future as the German artist is only 21 years old. 

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