It’s been 2 years since this Aussie trio transformed our ears with soft, sultry vocals and haunting synths. In 2016, Rufus Dul Sol released the album “Bloom”, pioneering the intersection between indie and electronic music, becoming a refreshing art that everyone gravitated to. Then there’s their live set. The group has a unique cohesiveness that’s very rare to find in most bands these days. With Tyron on vocals, Jon on keyboard, and James on drums, it’s a recipe for musical perfection. For the passed few years, Rufus has been either touring the world, or diligently working on their next album in their cozy Venice abode. Now, the wait is finally over with their latest release “No Place”. Believe me, it was worth the wait. With reverberating vocals, ethereal lyrics and hypnotic synths, this track stays true to the Rufus we love with yet has beautiful growth. It’s safe to say they did not disappoint. Catch them on their North American tour this summer for their epic comeback. Good to have you back mates!