EDM fans across the globe were wowed by the news that Rusko and Ducky had spent time in the studio as of late. Apparently their efforts together have yielded not one, but two separate tracks as evidenced by the former artist's set at Beyond Wonderland last night.

Rusko (real name Christopher Mercer) took to the Mad Hatter's Castle stage at the festival last night. He brought Ducky onstage to test out one of their tracks. Unlike the hardstyle single they debuted at Sound-Bar two months ago, the melodic dubstep soundscape makes more sense as a fusion of both of their styles.

Ducky was not among Beyond Wonderland's listed 2019 headliners. At present, her next scheduled performance will be on May 11th at this year's edition of Shaky Beats in Atlanta.

Neither Rusko nor Ducky have shared a title, release date or any other information for their upcoming collaborations at the time of writing.


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