It's not every day that an artist reveals that they created an 11-track album and hid it on SoundCloud for over a year. As you would imagine, many were surprised to see that Rusko unearthed a secret project that he had hidden for some time now.

On Twitter, the dubstep pioneer shared that he spends a lot of his time creating albums just for himself that never see the light of day. Unexpectedly, he broke his trend of hiding these albums and released one for all to enjoy. 

Available as a free download, the album simply named playlist1 was released privately over a year ago on a rather barren (at least to the public's eye) SoundCloud account under the name stonehange. At the time of writing, it's not yet known if Rusko plans to use that name for more projects or if it is simply a placeholder.

Drastically different than the sound of Rusko's library of dubstep classics, the one many call "The Don" steps outside the bass music realm and into the world of softer and more ambient sounds. Fans looking for a change of pace and something to chill out to will be in for a treat. It's refreshing to see an artist of his caliber step outside the comfort zone and release something experimental and vulnerable. 

Rusko's secret playlist1 album is available for free download on his stonehange side project's SoundCloud account here.