2018 is proving to be a year of reflection for Dutch producer San Holo (real name Sander van Dijck). He's closing out the year with a resurrection of his first self-proclaimed passion project, Casilofi

van Dijck has remastered and released the new ep, Create, Create, Create, via bitbird with a selection of music he created which he began producing back in 2011. After a five-year hiatus of producing hits more on the EDM/indie spectrum, he's back to show his fans where he started. 

On the topic of the EP, van Dijck said:

“Casilofi is the first electronic project I ever started in terms of producing my own music. It really started when I first got my laptop. A new world opened for me when I realized I could record things myself and layer things. I didn’t have to rely on a band, I could just take everything into my own hands. It was just 100% my own creativity that went into it, that really appealed to me.”

The four-track EP is a mix of beautiful, ambient synths and piano chords. It's very much the opposite of traditional San Holo beats, but that doesn't make them any less delightful. The lo-fi melodies create a dreamlike vibe that van Dijck has described as being made with "no studios, all laptops, and home recordings." 

This production style shows a peek into the successful producers humble beginnings. For fellow up-and-coming artists, this should serve as a beacon of hope of what could be. 

Create, Create, Create follows the release of his debut effort, album1which came out back in September. He is just off the album's self-titled tour, which reached across North America. He started his growing record label, bitbird, back in 2014 with manager Budi Voogt and his longtime friend and associate Thorwald van den Akke in order to be able to make the music they wanted. Since then, the label has been on a steady stream upward releasing tracks like Duskus "Where Did You Go" and Autolaser recent EP Last Call. There's no showing what 2019 will bring for the Dutch talent, but we are here for the ride. 


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